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Melanated Art

Frame it. Mount it. Love it.


My name is Bathscheba Ebony Nefertari Duronvil. Ebony meaning Black and Nefertari meaning Queen: Black Queen. I am the descendant of my mother ancestors for Haiti. I embody the spirit of the Arawak and Tiano natives of Hispaniola. I inherit the blood of the tribal people of West Africa and acknowledge my French decent through the pillaging of Black bodies. I am Black and woman. 

My art is an extension of me, it unlocks stories of myself. Through it you can see pain, happiness, love, lust, regret, jealousy and anger; everything that makes me human. I draw Black because Black is the color of my soul. Black is love. Black is light. Black is strength, happiness and Insight. Most importantly, Black is Beautiful and that is my art. 



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